The Personal Assistance Services and Supports (PASS) Program is a consumer-directed program designed to support children with special health care needs. PASS provides families with the opportunity to take the lead role in directing the services received by their child. The family-centered approach empowers families and individuals to foster independence, support family care giving and decision making, respect family choices and values, and build on individual strengths.

A key strength of this program is “the family defines what should be done. The PASS clinical team describes how it can be done”.


• Safety and Self-Preservation Skills
• Social Skill Development
• Development of Functional Life Skills

Eligibility Criteria

• Child is Medicaid eligible.
• Child is between the ages of 3 to 21.
• Child resides with their family or legal guardian.
• Child has been diagnosed with chronic and moderate to severe cognitive, physical, developmental, and/or psychiatric conditions.
• Child meets clinical criteria.


How to Access

• If your child is enrolled in RIteCare or RIteShare (Neighborhood Health Plan or United Healthcare), please contact your Insurance provider.
• If your child is enrolled in Cedar, contact your Cedar Coordinator.
• Contact Melissa Linicus, Clinical Director of Children’s Services at 401-789-4614, ext. 311 or