What is Options?

Options is a Fiscal Intermediary (FI).  As a Fiscal Intermediary our role is to assist you, the employer, to manage your self-directed support budget in accordance with your approved plan.

All persons receiving services from OPTIONS are legally considered sole proprietors, each having their own individual Employment Identification Numbers (EIN) provided to them by the Internal Revenue Service.

Options is not the employer and only acts as a financial liaison between you, the employer, and the funding source.

What does Options do for you?

  • Set you up as a Household Employer with the Federal and State Governments.
  • Complete all required tax forms and pay all taxes associated with your program to the Federal and State Governments.
  • Act as a liaison between you and the State and Federal governments.
  • Purchase and maintain your Worker’s Compensation insurance policy, which is mandatory by RI state law.
  • Set up all employee personnel records and assist you with maintaining and updating those records.
  • Process employee timesheets and mail employee paychecks/paystubs to you on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Mail all W-2’s directly to your employee(s) at year end.
  • Review and pay invoices associated with your approved budget.
  • Provide you with financial summaries on expenses paid and amount of funds remaining when requested.
  • Set up independent contractor status as needed for any applicable employee with the Federal and State governments. Their 1099’s will be mailed directly to them at year end.