Day and Community Services

The Fogarty Center provides supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to access, engage and contribute in the community. These services are delivered individually, or at no more than a 1:3 ratio to ensure the focus remains on the person. Our team of dedicated and trained personnel support individual growth and empower people by providing an array of services including:


• Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination

• Individualized schedules and commitment to serving the person’s best interests

• Personal Discovery and cultivating one’s Social Capital with an emphasis on equity and inclusion

• Educational supports

• Healthy lifestyles and sports

• Enhancing connections and network in the community

• Recreational fulfillment based upon individual interests

• Volunteerism

• Civic engagement, membership and advocacy

For more information about Day and Community Services, please contact Kie O’Donnell, CESP and Director of Day and Employment Services at: 401.353-7000 ext. 3037 or