Focusing on Self-Potential

Day/Employment Supports


The Fogarty Center provides a variety of  Employment & Day Supports to many of the people from our residential and other community settings.  The Fogarty Center offers individual Person-Centered services for job seekers with intellectual/developmental disabilities by offering a comprehensive progression of employment-related services.  These services include; Discovery, Career Exploration, Job Trial/Assessment, Placement, Job Coaching and Monitoring.  The Fogarty Center also supports adults by planning meaningful activities throughout the day, based on personal preference, within a variety of settings including day programs as well as locations within the community.   Day services are provided on an individual 1:1 basis and/or group settings.

In order to ensure the well-being and safety of those we support, direct Nursing and Psychological Services are offered on an individual basis, when needed. In addition, a collection of associated group activities is available. Such curricula, intended to promote healthy lifestyles and relationships, includes practices related to relaxation, sensory, nutrition, movement and exercise, music, art therapy and more. With community inclusion being paramount, training in the area of public and private transportation is an essential accompaniment to services.

People who receive support at The Fogarty Center are also encouraged to give “back to the community” by volunteering at various community organizations.  Meals-on-Wheels, Animal Rescue League, nursing homes, schools, and day care centers are some of the volunteer opportunities utilized by our volunteers.


Day Services

Our trained and experienced staff help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities maintain meaningful relationships and enjoy personal growth by offering a combination of services.

  • Individualized social and recreational programs          
  • Integrated community outings
  • Employment services
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Senior Center

Employment Services

The Fogarty Center assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to obtain long term employment.  Our focus is to assist people with career planning and development and become valued members  of the workforce and the community.
Integrated Employment
Integrated employment refers to jobs held by people with disabilities in typical workplace settings where the majority of persons employed are not persons with disabilities.   Individuals earn at least minimum wage.
Employment First 
Employment First is a federal initiative promoting integrated employment in the community as a priority and preferred outcome for people with disabilities.

Employment Training and Placement Programs

Keep it Clean Commercial Cleaning Service

Keep it Clean is a commercial cleaning company, operated by The Fogarty Center, which was established in 1998 with the purpose of employing people with disabilities who are interested and skilled in the area of environmental management. At present, Keep it Clean employs 40+ people who are supported by The Fogarty Center, with their primary responsibility being the cleaning and maintenance of the common areas of 11 community-based private and public housing complexes.

While encouraging the highest degree of independence, some folks prefer to work within a flexible schedule with varying hours depending on their skill, level  of interest and financial needs.

To inquire about Employment Training and Placement Programs, please contact:
Kie O’Donnell, Director of Day and Employment Services @ 401-353-7000 or

West Wing Café 

The West Wing Café, formerly referred to as the State House Café and Gift Shop, is located within the Rhode Island State House on Capitol Hill in Providence. The Fogarty Center acquired operation of the café in 1999. Since then, the café has evolved from a small souvenir shop to a larger, upscale café, serving breakfast and lunch with extended hours during General Assembly sessions.

In 2010, the West Wing Café introduced a portable Kiosk, Take Out Meals and Catering Services to its repertoire of culinary options. Employees with disabilities are employed in the areas of food preparation, cleaning, shopping and delivery, inventory, labeling as well as other random duties as they arise.

To inquire about West Wing Café services, or to place an order, please contact West Wing @ 401-331-0073

Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS)

The Fogarty Center collaborates with the Rhode Island Department of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) in the delivery of vocational assessment, job development and placement, job coaching, work-readiness skill enhancement such as resume designing/ interviewing and job placement. In addition to providing these services to those we support, The Fogarty Center is an authorized vendor for direct ORS referrals of men and women with barriers to employment other than intellectual disabilities.


Senior Services

For individuals of retirement age, a variety of alternative activities are available.   The Picillo Center is a community center where older individuals  have the opportunity to participate in community-based outings.  In addition, physical fitness exercises, art therapy and horticulture are among the number of choices available throughout the day.

The gardening project, initially started in 2009, has transformed into a genuine Horticulture program and business. Since its inception, this small garden has grown into a larger fenced garden, incorporating raised flowerbeds allowing for ease with plant care. With interest and ability improving, employees of the program successfully sponsored a number of fundraising events for the purpose of purchasing a greenhouse. With this in place, gardeners are able to begin their harvest earlier by starting with the seedlings.
While both of these projects are enjoyable and healing, they also serve as an employment opportunity with produce and flowers being sold to individuals, local vendors and at farm fresh fairs.